Cambridge crowds queuing for an Aromi gelato has become a recognised summer city scene!  And please - it's not ice-cream, it's gelato! Our gelato is one of the creamiest and lightest kinds you have ever tasted. It is prepared daily in our kitchen, by our ‘gelatiere’, Italian for ‘gelato-maker’.


Real ingredients, real gelato

Our gelato is prepared daily in our kitchen using real ingredients like fruit, organic milk and sugar and no artificial flavours.  We use 20 kilos of real strawberries for our Fragola flavour, we brew 20 litres of real Sicilian coffee for our Espresso flavour and we use organic Sicilian lemons for our best-selling Limone gelato. And our slow-churning process makes our gelato deliciously soft and smooth.


Hire Aromi's uniqe Gelato Cart

Planning a Summer party?  Celebrating a special occasion? Our charming, rustic gelato cart will give your party that extra edge, a memorable moment and of course, a scoop or two of our delicious gelato for all your guests to enjoy!