Artisan delicacies and gelato for corporate and private events

If you are looking for tasty, freshly cooked delicacies to impress your family, guests or colleagues, look no further: AROMI CATERS! You can choose a selection of bites and nibbles from our exciting catering menu, where sizes are party-friendly. The variety of our dishes with different flavours and textures, will take you on a tasting journey through Sicily. If your mouth is starting to water, it’s time to get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to help!


Freshly baked Sicilian bites

Whether you need catering for a corporate event or a casual family dinner, let Aromi do the cooking so you too can enjoy the party. Our catering menu changes seasonally and it includes smaller versions of the bakery and patisserie delicacies you'd find in our shops, plus a few special bites we only make to order. Everything is prepared from scratch on the day to taste delicious even when eaten at room temperature and will keep fresh throughout your event.

We also offer a delicious range of lovingly made cakes to suit all occasions. Please email us at to discuss your requirements.

Artisan Gelato

Please don’t call it ‘Ice-cream’, because ours is not - it is gelato!  Our gelato is one of the creamiest and lightest kinds you have ever tasted. It is prepared daily in our kitchen, by our ‘gelatiere’, Italian for ‘gelato-maker’, with real ingredients like fruit, organic milk and sugar - no artificial flavours or preservatives - using the traditional slow-churning process which allows gelato to become soft and smooth.

If you had it in one of our shops, you know what we are talking about: and have you tried it in one of our Sicilian brioche buns yet??  If you’d like to have Aromi’s gelato at your event, please contact us!

To order your Sicilian feast please email us at

Please note we can provide disposable plates and cutlery upon request only, at an extra charge